About Nita

They say that when trekking in the mountains for days and weeks at altitudes so high there are huge risk factors is life-changing.  This was the case for me as well.

I found out what a ‘peak expereince’ was in March 2009 when I trekked to Annapurna Base Camp in the Himalayan Mountains.  I was not prepared for the trek . . . I had not trained nor had I ever trekked before.  It was a 12 day journey up to 14,500 feet where I felt completely overwhelmed and was wondering why I had chosen this journey. There were many factors such as childcare, my original trek (which was to Everest Base Camp) and other things that just fell apart for various reasons.   Regardless, I took the journey and as hard as the trail was day in and day out, when I reached the ‘peak’ . .  Annapurna Base Camp in this case, I realized what a ‘peak experience’ was.

The term ‘peak experience’ was first coined by Abraham Maslow in 1959.  Maslow says that “peak experiences are sudden FEELINGS of INTENSE HAPPINESS and WELL-BEING, possibly the AWARENESS of an ‘ultimate truth’ and the UNITY of all things ..  the experience fills the individual with WONDER and AWE . .  he FEELS AT ONE with the world, and is PLEASED with it . . They are moments when you FEEL more at ONE WITH YOURSELF and the world, more INTEGRATED.  You feel HAPPY, even ECSTATIC, INTERCONNECTED, and in HARMONY.”

According to Maslow in Toward a Psychology of Being, people in peak experiences are CLOSEST to their TRUE IDENTITIES, their REAL SELVES.

I compare my journey to ABC and feeling the ‘peak experience’ to my journey of parenting.  Many of us enter into parenting with little or no knowledge of the journey and only with focusing inward do we experience our own ‘peak experience’ in parenting.

I have lived in the United States, Netherlands, and India.  I deeply understand the challenges faced by families who are globally mobile.  My husband and I, although both of Indian descent have different upbringings.  He is from South India and was raised in India and Oman.  I am from North India and was raised in the United States.  Cultural differences also play a role in how we raise our children and I am intimately aware of the unique challenges this brings to parenting.

I am the mother of 2 lovely children.  My children were both pre-mature, my son was born at 33 1/2 weeks and my daughter was born at 30 weeks.  The experience of having pre-mature children led me to be a key volunteer for the March of Dimes.  My passion for helping families and children led me to find the PCI.  The PCI is a certified graduate level program developed by Gloria DeGaetano and run through Seattle Pacific University in Bellvue, Washington.

Allow me to take this journey with you and together we can co-construct a journey that is in line with your TRUE IDENTITY and where ‘you can FEEL HAPPY, even ECSTATIC, INTERCONNECTED and in HARMONY.’